Are our National Parks worth Saving?

     Someone once said that our National Parks was America's best idea.  There will always be those that disagree: someone to fight for both sides of the coin. Someone who has political power over one another will always argue their side of the story and vice-versa, on and on, in a never ending cycle. However, this article is not for the political animal.  If you are a photographer, painter, musician, archaeologist, or you often just love to escape the modern physical realms of life and into the spiritual wonders of unspoiled nature for inspiration, read on.

As a photographer, I depend on the National Parks for inspiration. I use the National Parks to escape the fast busy rollercoaster of everyday life filled with constant work, stress, and electrical device overload.  To me, the National Parks are more than just rocks, trees, and rivers. I seek them not only for artistic inspiration but also for their therapeutic value as America’s last pure space. 

When I am in a National Park, I close my eyes and hear things that one can hear nowhere else; moreover, I hear and feel things that might not be there for a person that simply passes by. I hear the flowing river and the birds; I hear the gentle breeze gusting through the autumn forest; I hear the wolves and coyotes in the distance howling towards one another.  I use my camera to link these experiences together.

"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence"                                                                                                                 - Ansel Adams

Moreover, the National Parks are a wild and unspoiled place where humans and wildlife can coexist with one another like nowhere else.  The National Parks are, therefore, much more than a pretty scene to the eye. It is an escape that links us to our ancestors that were fully dependent on mother earth. I stand true to what was said by Ansel Adams when he stated that the National Park System was truly America’s Best Idea.