The EPSON International Pano Award

In recognition of excellence from The EPSON International Pano Awards - 2018 Silver Award

Nature’s Crown Jewel + Silver


International Photography Awards

Zen + Honorable Mention

Fine Art Photography Awards

Roseate Dance + Nominee

Sinister Twilight + Nominee

Looking Glass + Nominee

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Wild Alaska + Semi Finalist

White Eyes + Semi Finalist

Winter Feeding + Semi Finalist

Puffin Eyes + Semi Finalist

The Showdown + Semi Finalist

Eagle in Snowfall + Semi Finalist

Roseate Dance + Semi Finalist

Infinity Tree + Semi Finalist

Swirling Skies + Semi Finalist


USA Landscape Photographer of the Year

Autumn Foliage + 1st Winner (Classic View Youth)

Grand Prismatic Spring + 2nd Place (Classic View Youth)

Tree of Life + Highly Commended (My USA Youth)

International Photography Awards

Roseate Dance + Honorable Mention

Giant Eland + Honorable Mention


U.S.A. Landscape Photographer of the Year

Inner Peace + Highly Commended

Cloud Revelations + Highly Commended

The Ridge + Highly Commended