10 Tips to Enhance your Photography

1. Avoid subject in center of frame unless certain situations present themselves. Put subject off center to allow eye movement, photograph must have balance, use leading lines to guide eye into subject. Put subject in center of frame to emphasize symmetrical nature unfolding before you


2.  Avoid horizon in middle. Emphasize high or low horizon, not both; unless it is perfectly symmetrical. Movement of the eye, allows you to incorporate a foreground 


3. Avoid crooked horizons. Avoid crooked horizons that makes photograph look weird 


4. Avoid Distracting Elements. Photograph needs to look natural, take away any unnatural object. What you include in your fame is just as important as what you leave out.


5. Avoid inappropriate light. Make light simple. 


6. Avoid camera shake, movement. If you are taking a portrait make sure you have your correct focus


7. Avoid inappropriate focus. Make sure to focus on the particular subject you want to be in focus. 


8. Avoid lack of depth of field. Play with depth of field to create an image where you want everything in focus or you want a particular subject to be in focus


9. Avoid confusing subjects. Let your viewer know what you are taking the photo of, make it clear. 


10. Lack of emotional impact. An image should bring us into it, make us connect with your subject.