Mark Rivera Recommended Gear

Recommended Gear


My go-to cameras in the field are the Nikon D750 and the Nikon D810. Around the early 2000’s digital photography began to surpass film in terms of popularity, quality, and proficiency. Although film has seen a new era recently as some still compare the differences in film and digital to the comparisons between disco and digital music, I find the ability and flexibility to shoot continuously with no added cost and with instant gratification of having a built in monitor to review captures to be invaluable over shooting film. I find being able to evaluate the zoom for focus, the histogram, for exposure, and being able to review captures on the built in monitor are the main reasons I use these powerful DSLR cameras.


Nikon 200-500 f/5.6 and Nikon 20mm 1/.8 are my prime workhorse lenses and are with me at all times during my travels.


With longer lenses, camera shake will become more likely to become inevitable. A study tripod can reduce this exponentially and is a must to have. A quality ball head like the Kirk BH-1  I use, and a cable release for your camera will also contribute to ensuring maximum stability. I use a Nikon shutter release cable. I pack the majority of my gear in my Tilopa with an extra large ICU for ease while backpacking.


I do all of my editing on a powerful MacBook Pro. The Retina Display technology displays unmatched high quality images with unparalleled depth wherever I am in the world. You’ll also need a powerful software program for that such as the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan which gives you access to the best, unmatched, most indispensable tools in your arsenal – Lightroom and Photoshop. I use photoshop and camera raw as my main workhorse workflow. For massive storage I use G-Technology portable SSD drives and G-DRIVE PRO with Thunderbolt that will easily transfer today’s large file sizes quickly and efficiently. For videography, I use Final Cut Pro as its high speeds can process editing, audio, and motion graphics is an immersive and responsive way.